Composition Reflection

I am currently participating in the Second-Year Transformational Program, which grants students scholarship for academic research in their field with the goal of enhancing student success. To be granted money, we must participate in a plethora of activities, most of which focus on character development. One of the tests we were required to take, called the VIA Strengths Survey, evaluated our personalities and provided us with a ranked list of our greatest values. Ranked highest in my personal profile were honesty, social intelligence, fairness, and at the top, appreciation of beauty. I immediately identified with this value, although I had never considered it to be a valuable part of my character before. In viewing this list, it suddenly became evident to me why I am so invested in pursuing choreography.

I adore dance simply for the physical and emotional sensation in provides, but performing in the works of others does not fulfill my desire to reflect the beauties in life that I so greatly appreciate. I am interested in who we are as a human population: our capabilities, relationships, emotions, and ideas. I am interested in uncovering the deepest roots in our societal issues, and how we can understand those so that we may resolve them. I am interested in imagining a world where we are all fully aware and informed; where transparency and honesty are common and hatred and ignorance are difficult to find, and making that world a reality. Dance is an art form that communicates with audiences through something every human has: a body. We are all bodies in space whether we identify as dancers or not. I tried to approach my sophomore composition class with the same goal I have set for myself within my career: to create choreographic work that challenges the human problem and accentuates the beauty of human success. This course provided me with some of the tools required to accomplish this goal. Through my study of time and rhythm, music and choreography, and group forms, I have realized new methods of implementing beauty in my work.

Please enjoy my final composition project featuring Brianna Rhodes:



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