From Window to Paper to Studio: Composition Landscape Study

This past semester I had the pleasure of being in Daniel Roberts’ composition class. I was thrilled to be choreographing since I am interested in pursuing dance composition as my primary focus.

The majority of our composition studies were solos, but for one of our later studies, we had the opportunity to choreograph in a group. Although group work is always difficult, working with Kelsey, Alizé, Paige, and Lisa was quite enjoyable and was a doable process. All of had the ability to contribute without too much conflict or opposition and our final product felt finished and clean.

For this assignment we were asked to create our own visual landscape drawing or painting and then create a group improvisational score based off of that landscape. I volunteered to create the landscape, as I was on five-hour car drive back from ACDA and had nothing else to do but look out the window. As you can imagine, most of what I saw looking out the car window driving across southern Michigan and northern Ohio was gray skies, fields, and phone lines. This environment, in turn, became the subject of my landscape.

From the image I created, a field stretching across the horizon with a road in the foreground and sky and trees in the background, my group and I created an improvisational score. We considered the relationship between elements in the image (the sturdy structure of the phone poles vs. the flimsy swinging quality of the wires), the idea of time and the relationship between the field and the highway (from which the perspective of the image was taken), and the individual qualities of each element in the image (color, texture, shape, etc.).

Please enjoy our entire study via the embedded link below:


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