Composition Final Duet

For our composition final we were asked to create a duet in which both of us would defy our general movement tendencies for the entire performance. When I was first informed that this would be our final study, I must admit that my heart dropped. I imagined myself forcing leaps and turns to successfully portray my opposite movement tendencies, but after putting some thought into the study, I realized that I could go about this in a completely different way.

My first round of opposite movement tendencies were as follows:

Control and anti-reverberation (opposite of off-balance)

Distal Initiation (opposite of axial—hips, shoulders, core—initiation)

Symmetry (opposite of asymmetry—generally in limbs)

From this list I created two thirty second phrases, the first being very structured and shape oriented, while the second ended up being very horizontal due to the initiation from my hands and feet. I saved my last tendency as a starting point for myself and Coal, my assigned duet partner.

After beginning the rehearsal process, Coal and I quickly decided that changing my last opposite tendency to risk-taking would be ideal for our duet. This gave us the option to have a risk vs. anti-risk section simultaneously, which we were immediately excited about.

The process for this project was incredibly easy and blissful. I found that Coal and I worked very well together, often having the ability to communicate through our movement, eliminating the middleman of verbal language.

Please enjoy our completed duet via the embedded link below:


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